Can Rabbits Eat Peaches? (Serving Size, Hazards & More)

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This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Did you know that August is officially recognized as Peach Month in the United States? Peach Month originated from former President Ronald Reagan back in 1982.

They’re juicy and incredibly hard to resist. Plus, the health benefits of peaches make the fruit even more delightful.

But do the benefits and everything apply to the community of bunnies? Can Rabbits Eat Peaches, to begin with?

If you want a quick answer, then YES rabbits can eat peaches and Nectarines.

But skinned peaches with the pit removed! And you have to make sure to avoid over-feeding the fruit to prevent any negative reactions.

Are Peaches and Nectarines Harmful to Rabbits?

So, now we know that Rabbits are allowed to eat peaches and nectarines.

But the next question is, is it good for them? Or are peaches harmful to bunnies?

Peaches will only be considered harmful or bad for rabbits if it’s given in high amounts.

It’s important to take note that peaches should just be given as an occasional treat. It’s not something that you should incorporate to his daily meals.

Peaches are beneficial to your rabbit up to the point that you decide to overfeed them with it.

This fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates and has high sugar content.

When you overfeed your rabbit with this fruit, it can lead him to have certain diseases or even be lethal!

The answer to the question is yes; peaches are harmful to rabbits only if you give them too much!

Peaches and Nectarines

Impressive Health Benefits of Peaches to Rabbits?

Peach fruits have a lot of beneficial nutrients and also contain essential minerals.

Peaches also provide low levels of calories, provide vitamins, and fiber which is necessary to help your rabbit remain healthy.

They also provide your rabbit with antioxidants which are vital in boosting the rabbit’s immunity and help in protecting it against cancer.

Peaches also assist in enhancing the rabbit’s kidney and liver functions making sure your rabbit remains healthy and active.

However, peaches should be fed to a rabbit appropriately amount to prevent it from getting harmed.

How Do I Serve Peaches?

Peaches can be such a great treat for your rabbit if you serve it the right way.

  • So, how do you achieve that?

It’s actually pretty simple! All you have to do is to remove the pit and serve only the flesh of a ripe peach.

Peach pits, just like apple pits, contain cyanide, a compound toxic to rabbits if they have it in big amounts.

Even though it usually takes more than one pit for the bunny to become intoxicated, you should still remove the pit as a cyanide isn’t the only risk.

Also, If you have a peach tree in your garden don’t let your rabbit eat the leaves and stems as they’re toxic as well.

Finally, clean the peach well before you give it to your rabbit as the skin is usually filled with pesticides and preservatives.

Can Rabbits Eat Canned Peaches?

Contrary to fresh peaches, canned ones shouldn’t be given to rabbits.

Namely, canned peaches contain a lot of artificial sweeteners and preservatives which are really bad for rabbits.

Besides, the syrup that the canned peaches come in is filled with sugar and is naturally very harmful to rabbits and can lead to stomach problems.

So, the answer is – no, rabbits shouldn’t eat canned peaches.

How Much Peaches Can Rabbits Eat?

When it comes to any kind of fruit rabbits want to eat, the answer is the same for all of them.

MODERATION is the key.

You’re going to want to moderate the amount of peaches your bunny eats at all times, or else you’ll have a messy case of diarrhea on your hands you’re going to have to clean up after!

On average, a good rule of thumb is to cut the peach down into small pieces/slices, and feed your rabbit 1-2 (maximum of 2) slices at first.

Can Rabbits eat Frozen Peaches?

Rabbits can eat peaches be it frozen or in a natural form.

The real thing is that they must not be canned and preserved since these mentioned types of peaches are loaded with a high amount of sugar.

which can lead your rabbit to develop diabetes, obesity in the long term and diarrhea in the short term.

But it is good to let the peaches fed away the frozen condition, this way your rabbit will enjoy it more.


If you share some fresh and raw peach with your pooch, it shouldn’t have any big problems.

The fruit is full of minerals and vitamins that are excellent for your rabbit’s health.

The only time you can have some problems with your bunny is when you overfeed it with peach and allow it to munch on the pit.

Otherwise, a peach is a healthy snack for your rabbit but must only be given every so often.

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