Best Chinchilla Cages: Reviews & Guide

chinchilla sitting in a cage

Chinchillas make adorably cute pets mainly due to their highly active, playful, and energetic personality. These furry rodents love to jump and run around, and they have the ability to keep you entertained all day long. They require plenty of … Continue

Can Rabbits Eat Lemons

woman gave a slice of lemon to baby rabbit

If you’re a rabbit owner, you’re no doubt concerned with your tiny family member’s health and wellbeing. And with bunnies, there’s a lot to think about. You need to have a clean enclosure, ensure your pal gets enough exercise and … Continue

Can guinea Pigs eat mango?

2 slices of mango on a black table

If you’re a homo sapiens who wants to share the joy of eating mangoes with your Cavia porcellus companion but not sure if it’d prove fatal to your little friend or not. Welcome to this humble article. I shall discuss … Continue