7 Surprising Ways To Make Your Rabbit Happy

Rabbits are very sweet and lovely animals and it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

If you are the owner of a rabbit and you want some easy ways to keep your rabbit happy and entertained? You’ve come to the right place.

here are 7 ways to keep your bunny happy.

#1 Devote A Lot Of Attention To Him

Rabbits are animals that love the company of their fellow rabbits and, for this reason, it would be best to adopt two of them, but this is not always possible.

So, if your furry friend lives alone, it is important to devote as much attention to him as possible.

Pamper him and talk to him every time you go past his house and pick him up if you can, but don’t do this if it is strangers asking you to do so, because rabbits are very delicate, sensitive animals and could be very frightened by a stranger.

#2 Offer a healthy, balanced diet

No matter what pet you may have, you’ll need to feed them a healthy, balanced diet.

Rabbits are no exception, and it’s important to keep them on a strict meal plan to avoid digestive issues.

But really, when it comes down to it, it’s quite simple to keep your bunny pleased because they don’t require a whole bunch of exotic items.

Overall, you’re looking at a relatively simple list:

  • Unlimited, clean hay for healthy, short teeth
  • Unlimited, clean water
  • Fresh lettuce, vegetables, and fruit, though in limited quantities
  • Healthy rabbit pellets, limited quantities
  • Normally, rabbits don’t overindulge when they eat, and once they’re full, they simply leave the rest of their food for later.

#3 A Warm, Clean Home

Like humans, rabbits will only really be happy if they’re in a good environment.

They will need a sturdy, secure home with plenty of clean bedding.

Once you’ve purchased your hutch, you’ll need to think carefully about where to place it.

Are your rabbits in a nice, quiet area that your other pets can’t get to? Are they in a space that is free from draughts, humidity, and chemicals?

#4 Give Them Floor Time

Nobody likes to continuously live in a limited space. Moreover, rabbits love to exercise.

This is why you need to offer them at least a little bit of your time every day to run around in your house in order to get some exercise.

The best way to do this is to let them run around as much as they want, and after that, you two can cuddle with them a little bit.

Then you can put them back in their cage. This will certainly make your bunny a lot happier.

#5 Groom Your rabbit

Grooming your rabbit is another way to make them happy. Use a special brush for a rabbit or an old brush to keep their coat shiny.

Long-haired rabbits also need to be groomed regularly to prevent mats from forming.

It’s also important to trim your rabbit’s nails.

This will prevent them from scratching you or themselves, and they’ll be a lot happier with short nails that don’t get caught on things.

#6 Choosing The Right Toys

Keep your adorable pets occupied with fun playthings like chew toys; cardboard toys; wooden blocks and ladders; and toilet paper tubes.

Just be sure to choose safe woods, like hazelnut, pear, or willow. Never give a chinchilla pine or cedar, as they are toxic to small animals.

#7 Checkups and VET

Last on the list is probably the most obvious but it still needs to be mentioned. IF your go is healthy then they are likely to be happier.

A sick rabbit will undoubtedly be more stressed, upset and depressed.

Avoid this by bringing them to a specially trained vet for exotic pets and keep an eye out at least weekly on their health.

An unhealthy rabbit may:

  • have trouble eating
  • make strange noises you are not used to
  • start more fights in the cage
  • become sluggish and tiresome at times when they are usually active
  • shows signs of fatigue and wear and tear