Our 6 Picks for the Best Ferret Shampoo

ferret is taking a bath

Bathing your pet is usually one of the most enjoyable moments. That’s if you don’t mind the splashing and the mess. To do right by your pet, you should choose his shampoo wisely. Unlike cats and dogs, ferrets have sensitive skin. … Continue

Can Ferrets Eat Bananas?

ferret standing on a chair surrounding with flowers

It is doubtless to say that banana is a healthy and delicious fruit that contains lots of vitamins and essential nutrients. That’s why everybody likes bananas. banana is certainly beneficial to humans, but how about ferrets? Can ferrets eat the … Continue

Can Ferrets Eat Apples? Safe Or Not?

ferret standing on a falling leaves

These days fruits and vegetables are getting popular for healthy living. Apples they say, keep the doctor away. This fruit is known to have some nutritional benefits for humans like antioxidants and fiber. Apples also reduce the risk of getting … Continue

10 Best Fruits For ferrets To Eat

two ferrets

Unlike us humans, ferrets aren’t omnivores. They get their primary nutrition from a carnivorous diet containing fish, chicken, turkey and other meats. The ferret organism has special dietary requirements, which are met through the protein, vitamins and other nutritional ingredients … Continue

What’s The Best Ferret Hammocks: reviewed

ferret sleeping in a blue hammock

Ferrets are naughty and sweet, the perfect combination for a favorite pet. They’ve been domesticated for hundreds of years. Thus, it’s not a surprise at all to see them immortalized in some of the greatest classical paintings, sitting in a royal person’s lap. Lately, … Continue