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There are so many safe and healthy fruits your rabbit may eat, but some of my rabbit’s favorites are pears.

Pears are crisp and refreshing treats for a hot day.

But as bunny owners, we may want to ask, can rabbits eat pears?

More importantly, are pears good or bad for rabbits? All of these are excellent questions.

As a responsible rabbit owner, it’s important you ask these essential questions when it comes to feeding your rabbit human foods.

Good thing you’re here because I have some great news for you and other pear-lovers.

Can Rabbits Eat Pears?

Yes. rabbits can eat pears. These fruits are not only safe but are also healthy for your bunny.

Pears are rich in dietary fiber as well as in vitamins A and C.

Its nutrient compounds make this fruit good for promoting the health of your rabbit’s digestive tract.

But, there are some things you should know before handing that pear you just bought to your rabbit.

Are Pears Safe for Rabbits?

Yes, they are absolutely safe when served in bite-sized slices after removing the pit and the seeds.

Pear seeds have researched traces of toxin cyanide that can be extremely poisonous for your friend.

Hence, accidental overeating of seeds can also result in your rabbit’s untimely death.

Also, make no mistake, to remove the core of the pear, which contains a blue acid, not recommendable for consumption.

Are There Any Health Benefits?

Yes, pears are very healthy for rabbits. They contain vitamin C and K and lots of fiber.

They also contain copper and antioxidants which help your rabbit stay healthy, fight the effects of aging, and which may help prevent some kinds of cancer.

You shouldn’t give your rabbit lots of pears all at once, especially if he isn’t used to eating them. Give him a couple of slices at first to see how he likes them.

You should always let a rabbit get used to a new food before giving him more. Otherwise, you can upset his stomach. This is true with any new food.

How Much Pears Can rabbits Eat?

In order for your rabbit to get the most health benefits out of this yummy fruit, you shouldn’t exceed the recommended amount.

Pears, just like any other fruit safe for rabbits, should be fed in moderation and as an occasional treat.

This means that you shouldn’t feed your rabbit with a whole pear all at once.

Instead, cut it into smaller slices and share a couple of them throughout the day.

The ideal amount of pear slices a rabbit should have is 1 or 2 slices.

When Could Pears Be Dangerous?

Like with all great things, moderation is key. This saying can apply to feeding your rabbit any safe human foods.

The problem with overfeeding your rabbit pears is that it can lead to certain risks and side effects.

In fact, the more pears you feed your rabbit, the more likely that they may experience these side effects.

  • Pears Can Give rabbits Diarrhea

This is true for any fruit or vegetable that contains high levels of sugar and dietary fiber that are just too much for a rabbit’s digestive system.

That’s why it is always necessary to remember that moderation is the only way to feed your rabbit with any type of human food.

How Should You Serve Pears To Your rabbit?

Feeding your rabbit with pears is safe but under certain conditions.

You’ll have to serve this fruit in the right way in order to ensure your rabbit gets exactly what he needs from the fruit.

By following the right instructions to serving pears to rabbits, you will prevent unnecessary health risks that might come if the pear is eaten entirely.

Pears are very healthy to rabbits when served without seeds, stems or pits.

These parts of the pear must be removed so that your rabbit can safely enjoy their pearly treat.

But how come these tiny parts are so dangerous to a rabbit?

First of all, seeds contain a chemical called cyanide that can be fatal to rabbits when consumed in high amounts.

This is why it is always recommended to remove all seeds from pears (but other fruits too, such as apples) and ensure your rabbit doesn’t get intoxicated.

However, swallowing a couple of seeds by mistake won’t necessarily mean your rabbit is at risk of poisoning or death.

Rabbits usually need higher amounts of it in order to really feel the intoxicating effects of cyanide.

So, if it happens, don’t panic. Just make sure your rabbit drinks enough water afterward.

On the other hand, pear skin is considered to be safe for rabbits as long as it’s thoroughly washed from potentially harmful pesticides used with these kinds of fruit.

When cleaned properly, pear skin has lots of health benefits your rabbit can benefit from.

Are Canned Pears Good for Your Rabbit?

You should know that canned pears are not good for rabbits.

This is the case for all other types of canned fruits.

Canned pears normally contain a lot of sugar which can be a cause of irritation to your rabbit’s digestive tract.

This may end up bringing the obesity issue.

The best pears to feed rabbits with the once that are ripe and fresh.


Pears are actually recommended for your rabbit! Tasty and healthy, they make an excellent treat for any bunny pet, as long as they’re not offered on a daily basis.

Generally speaking, fruits offer a wide range of important nutrients and vitamins that will keep your rabbit healthy.

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