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If you have a rabbit for a pet, you need not worry about their food much, as this cute thing will eat anything you place in front of them.

But giving them nutritious food is important. Fresh vegetables and fruits are good for everyone and rabbits are no exception.

But what about giving rabbits cabbage? Many people have this question- can rabbits eat cabbage?

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage?

Rabbits are herbivores and usually eat need hay and a lot of water.

But if you want to give healthy and fresh food to your pet, cabbage is a good option.

There is no harm in feeding cabbage.

Health Benefits of Cabbage for Rabbits

Cabbage is a vegetable that is available round the year and rich in nutrients.

Dark green cabbage has Vitamin B6 which helps in the digestion of protein.

It contains potassium and calcium in good quantity, Vitamin K is a must for pregnant rabbits. 

Apart from these, they are rich in magnesium, zinc, Vitamin E, and phosphorous.

So, yes, this is healthy food for your bunny.

 Risks Associated With Feeding Cabbage

It is a common thing you must have heard that cabbage causes too much gas.

The problem is rabbits cannot pass gas and it makes them irritating.

There are risks associated with feeding cabbage only if you do not follow the guideline to feed it.

If you feed too much cabbage to your little bunny on a daily basis, of course, it will cause problems.

There are two problems which occur- first is your rabbit develops loose tools or it bloats i.e. their stomach is always full.

In both cases, stop the cabbage diet immediately until these symptoms disappear completely.

How Much Cabbage Can Rabbits Have?

A rabbit is such a disciplined pet that it will not leave anything on the plate. And, if your rabbit has developed a liking for cabbage, you need to be alert.

In starting, when you introduce cabbage to your pet, start with a smaller amount.

You can mix cabbage with other veggies like top of carrots, cilantro, parsley, etc blended with four to five leaves of the cabbage. 

How Often Can You Feed Your Rabbit Cabbage?

Rabbits are such innocent creatures that they will not complain even if you serve them cabbage every day.

But they also need a change. You should not give your rabbits cabbage every day.

Four times a week is good but that too blended with other veggies.

Hay is the best food for your rabbit but if you are feeding cabbage to your bunny, a daily cabbage diet is prohibited eyeing the risks associated with it.


  • Can my rabbits eat all kinds of cabbage?

You will find white, red and several other kinds of cabbage in the market and wonder which is best for your bunny? Well, Savoy cabbage i.e. dark green leafy cabbage is best.

It is rich in minerals and vitamins and will actually make a difference in your pet’s nutrition.

As for the white and red cabbage, if your bunny is fond of them, you can feed it, but it will not make much difference in terms of nutrition.

  • Can rabbits eat cabbage leaves?

The fresh leafy part of this vegetable is something you can serve to your pet without any worries.

A few leaves, maximum four or five leaves, do no harm to your bunny.

  • Can rabbits eat cabbage stalks?

The stalk is an edible part of the plant. Of course, it can be given to your rabbit as part of the food.

But it is better to give them leaves instead of the stalk.

  • Can rabbits eat cooked cabbage?

A rabbit out in the wild do not eat cooked vegetables. They like it raw.

Cooking the vegetable steals most of its important nutrients which are essential for your bunny.

If you want to give them cooked cabbage, you can and they will eat it happily. But it is advised to let them eat raw.

They will like munching on the fresh veggie and it will keep their dental issues far away.

When raw food is much more nutritious and requires no cooking, why trouble yourself with it?

  • Can rabbits eat cabbage every day?

Four times a week is enough. Giving cabbage every day can create certain health issues for your bunny.

If your bunny is suffering from bloating or diarrhea, it is best to stop the cabbage diet.

Final Words

When it comes to cabbage diet, the answer is surely yes, you can feed your rabbit cabbage.

Dark, green, and leafy cabbage will become a favorite of your pet in no time.

Blend it with other vegetables and make a healthy diet plan for your rabbit.

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