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If you’ve ever adopted a pet, you know what it’s like to have a new best friend.

You want to share everything with them. And they would prefer it was food. 

Parakeets are a little different. They don’t love to try new foods.

While a new toy at playtime might get them excited, you probably won’t have to worry about them begging at the dinner table.

Of course, this is different with every parakeet. Just like all other animals, they have their own unique personalities.

You may find that your parakeet is trying to chow down on all of the foods you are snacking on, but can parakeets eat popcorn?

Here is what you need to know before you give your parakeet a new snack.

What Can Parakeets Eat? 

Pellets should be the primary source of nutrients in your parakeets’ diet. This will keep them healthy and active. 

Seeds are a fantastic treat for parakeets.

They shouldn’t eat too many in a day, so seeds are perfect as the occasional treat.

Or you can add about a teaspoon to their food. Parakeets will peck out the center and leave the shell, so make sure you’re removing them at the end of the day. 

Fresh fruits, like melon, kiwi, and grapes, are the best treats to give your parakeet.

You can also give them vegetables and leafy greens to add nutrients to your parakeets’ diet. 

Some treats will be more enjoyable for your bird to eat. Like us, they’ll probably have more fun eating the fruit. Unfortunately, they can only eat smaller portions of this fresh produce.

Vegetables should make up a small portion of their weekly diet to make sure they are staying healthy.

What About Popcorn?

It’s not as fun to just be feeding your parakeet their regular diet.

Since parakeets can be extremely expressive, it’s always fun to see how they react to new things.

You’ll want to experiment with new foods, but can parakeets eat popcorn?

Parakeets can have popcorn. The only problem is that they can’t have the buttery and salty kind that we usually eat—no sharing your movie night popcorn with your bird. 

Salt is terrible for the health of your parakeet. Like humans, too much salt isn’t good for your bird. Since they’re so small, even a tiny bit can begin to affect them. 

Too much salt will cause excessive thirst or kidney issues. To stay safe, make sure you are only giving your bird popcorn without salt or butter. 

If you want to give them a little extra treat, you can put peanut butter on it. Generally, parakeets love peanut butter. Plus, it’s great for their health. A little bit of peanut butter has the same health benefits as seeds. Just make sure you’re not giving them too much.

How to Know What Foods They Enjoy

Like all new animals in your household, parakeets will require some attention to figure out what they’re trying to tell you.

These birds are relatively easy to read, but you’ll want to be sure that you know what they’re saying. 

Anticipating your parakeet’s needs will build trust between the two of you.

With time they’ll become more affectionate, and you’ll find that you’ve found your own way to communicate with them. 

There are some essential things to remember when you are feeding your new parakeet snacks. 

Head bobbing generally means that your parakeet is hungry. It can also be their way of socializing, but it’s an excellent time to try out a new treat. 

Another good time to try and feed them new foods is when they are flapping their wings, which is attention-seeking behavior. 

If your parakeet regurgitates the food, it may seem like they don’t like it.

However, this is actually a sign of affection. It may seem odd at first, but your bird is treating you how they would treat their babies.

While it’s not a good way to tell if they enjoy their treat, you’ll know they love you.  

Your pet will start talking or singing if they enjoy their treat.

This is their way of telling you they’re happy.

They may even begin flapping their wings or moving around. All of this means that they are content.

One of the funniest and most adorable habits they can have is shaking their tongue.

If your parakeet opens their mouth a bit and starts wiggling their tongue, they’re very happy! It might even remind you of a dog wagging their tail.

Treats Your Parakeet Will Love

Some tasty treats that you can feed your parakeet are garbanzo beans, almonds, and peanut butter.

These have to be served in moderation, but they can be great for special occasions. 

In small amounts, you can also give your parakeet pasta or other grains. Oats are another great treat since they are nourishing and tasty.

You can find many treats in pet stores or online if you’re looking for super safe options to give to your bird. These will always be the safest options for your pet. 

These treats can also come in different shapes and sizes and offer a fun enrichment activity for your bird. Puzzles and playtime are important since parakeets are such smart animals.

They’ll appreciate any new activity that you can offer them. Getting involved in playtime with new toys or treats is also a great way to encourage bonding.

Your bird will be excited to spend time with you.

Wild Parakeets vs. Pets

It may seem silly that you have to be so careful with your parakeet.

When they’re in the wild, they can eat anything they find.

However, your bird has been trained to live inside and needs you to make sure they live their longest possible life. 

With the right guidelines, you can have fifteen or more years with your extraordinary pet. 

To answer your question, can parakeets eat popcorn? Yes, but make sure that there is no salt or butter on it. Plain popcorn can be a fun snack that won’t put their health at risk.

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