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These days fruits and vegetables are getting popular for healthy living.

Apples they say, keep the doctor away.

This fruit is known to have some nutritional benefits for humans like antioxidants and fiber.

Apples also reduce the risk of getting cancer and improve heart function.

So they’re great for us, but what about our ferrets?

We always want to make sure we’re giving our pets the most healthy and nutritious options out there, and it seems like apples would be on that list.

So are apples okay for ferrets to eat?

Can Ferrets Have Apples?

The short answer is yes.

Ferrets have different nutritional needs and tastes than we do.

They are true carnivores who obtain all their main nutrients from meat.

So, their digestive systems are not designed to receive nutrients from plant-based food sources, such as apples.

However! Apples are not toxic to ferrets and are safe to feed, but only in moderation.

Ferrets and apples can go together fine, but unless your ferret loves apples, they do not need to eat the fruit.

Also, because of the high sugar content in apple, it is best to feed them to your ferret as treats only.

As always, though, introduce new foods slowly to be sure your ferret can handle them.

Are There Any Health Benefits?

Some pet owners may think I’m crazy for even writing a post about apples, but ferrets can actually benefit from these tasty fruits.

While fruits are not a natural part of a ferret’s diet, occasionally feeding your ferret a few pieces of apples might still be beneficial.

As I already mentioned above, apples have many health benefits for us humans.

This is because of the amount of valuable nutrients apples contain, and these nutrients are beneficial for ferrets as well.

Apples are a good source of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and many important antioxidants.

While ferrets’ bodies make all the vitamin C they need themselves, other nutrients apples have to offer are still necessary for ferrets.

For example, low levels of blood potassium can lead to muscle weakness in cats.

Are Apples Bad for Ferrets?

The parts of the apple that contain small amounts of cyanide, of course, are the biggest concern in answering the question, “Can ferrets eat apples?”

Small amounts of fruit are fine for a ferret.

But, as mentioned, ferrets need to eat meat for their main sustenance.

Although certain fruits can be beneficial to your pet in small servings, they should not be used to replace your ferret’s normal diet.

This is not only because your ferret is a carnivore, but because apples can’t provide every nutrient that your ferret needs.

It is important the make sure your ferret has a well-balanced diet to be at its healthiest.

If your ferret does react badly to apple, it is best to avoid giving it.

There are plenty of other treats or snacks that your ferret could have that would be just as tasty and beneficial.

How To Prepare Apple For My Cat

It’s very unlikely that your ferret will be able to do more than take a few nips out of this big (to them) round fruit.

Rotten fruit is not good for a ferret. The fruit must be clean. These two things would apply even to an apple being eaten by a human.

But the one important thing to remember when feeding apples to a ferret is not to let them swallow the seeds.

Can Ferrets Eat Apple Peel?

It seems unlikely that a ferret would eat an apple peel on its own, but there’s nothing to say that they can’t.

It should not have any other effect on them than the apple itself.

However, it isn’t a good idea to give your ferret too much of any part of fruit all at once, as this can upset their stomach.

Can Apples Give My Ferret An Upset Stomach?

The answer to this question rather depends on the individual ferret and individual circumstances.

If your apple is not at all allergic to apples, and you don’t let him eat too many, they should not give him any stomach troubles.

However, if your ferret is allergic, or if he eats several apples at one time, it very well could cause some gastric distress!


Apples are in general safe for ferrets to eat and are even quite healthy, thanks to its vitamin C and A and the beta-carotene.

It’s also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

When serving apples don’t forget to remove the seeds.

Also, don’t overdo it as too much of it could result in diarrhea, vomiting and other problems.

And if your ferret shows signs of intolerance don’t give apples again, not all ferret like or tolerate it!

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