Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes Without Getting Sick?

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This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Cockatiels are lovely household birds.

Taking care of these household birds is quite simple and easy since they tend to be friendly.

However, feeding cockatiels the right food can be a daunting experience.

There are plenty of feeds in the market for these birds. But their diet tends to be a mystery for many pet parents.

So, Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes?

Absolutely. These household birds tend to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, including grapes. Slicing the grapes into half tends to make it easier for the birds to eat.

That’s not all. Cockatiels can safely eat seeds and seedless grapes without experiencing any problems.

Grape is a quick snack for treating your bird.

However, too much consumption of grapes by cockatiels is not advisable.

These fruits contain a lot of sugar that is not good for your bird.

The good news is that cockatiels tend to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, do not limit yourself to grapes alone.

In this article, we will discuss some of the health benefits of grapes to your bird and some of the popular alternatives to consider. Keep reading for insight.

Health Benefits of Grapes for Cockatiels

Grapes have a ton of nutrients that are quite beneficial to the cockatiels.

The antioxidants properties help to boost the immune system of the bird for well-being.

Also, these fruits are a great addition to the diet of your household bird.

They provide high-quality vitamins and calcium that support the health of your cockatiel.

That’s not all. The calcium content tends to prevent reproductive issues and osteoporosis in the bird.

It is one of the reasons behind the high recommendation from bird specialists.

Another critical advantage of grapes is that they contain elements that help protect the bird against cancer, health conditions, and heart-related issues.

One of the most incredible things with grapes is its low-calorie content.

This tends to match perfectly with cockatiels’ calorie requirements.

Are Grapes Bad For Cockatiels? | Possible Risks

Cockatiels can safely consume grapes. The fruit tends to come with tons of health benefits to your household bird.

But it would be best if you were cautious about the amount required to feed your cockatiels.

So, are grapes bad for cockatiels? No.

But giving your cockatiels too many grapes frequently could pose a possible health risk.

It is advisable to feed the birds with a small amount, and this should be done infrequently.

Overfeeding your bird with grapes could cause digestive problems and also trigger runny stool in the long run.

Grapes have too much sugar, which is not suitable for cockatiels.

Besides that, too much sugar from grapes is usually stored in the form of fat, and this could make your birds experience obesity.

Various health problems generally accompany the condition.

That’s not all. The chemicals on the fruit tend to be toxic to the birds. It is the reason why washing the fruits is quite paramount before feeding your birds.

We recommend considering commercial grapes since they are non-toxic. These fruits are typically washed before being packed for sale.

How Many Grapes Can Cockatiels Have?

Cockatiels, like any other birds, love to eat. We recommend regulating the amount of food given to any pet to have total control over their weight.

Grapes contain a lot of sugar, which is never used as energy.

Instead, the excess sugar is stored in the body in the form of fat. Therefore, too many grapes in the diet of the cockatiels are not advisable.

So, how many grapes can cockatiels have? Approximately four to five grapes.

But this should be done at least twice a month. You can supplement grapes with other fruits and vegetables.

Overfeeding cockatiels with grapes will result in weight management problems.

Overweight cockatiels are likely to experience other health-related issues.

Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes With Seeds?

The diet of cockatiels should be full of pellets and seeds.

This happens to be the primary source of food for these birds. But it is advisable to include leafy greens at least four times a week.

So, can cockatiels eat grapes with seeds? Yes.

Grape seeds are one of the ways of ensuring the household bird gets seeds in their diet.

But ensure the seed is not large enough to choke the bird.

We recommend cutting the fruits in small and manageable sizes.

It is the best option to consider avoiding choking the bird to death.

Either way, ensure the cockatiel gets a balanced diet.

This can be obtained by mixing other fruits and vegetables with grapes.

Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes Every Day?

Cockatiels are known for eating a variety of seeds, fruits, berries, and vegetables.

However, grapes tend to be the favorite snack due to the sweetness.

So, can cockatiels eat grapes every day? Not advisable. Grapes contain too much sugar, which is not healthy for your household bird.

Excess sugar in the diet of cockatiels tends to pose weight management issues.

It is advisable to feed cockatiels with grapes at least once or twice a week.

It will become easier to prevent excessive accumulation of sugar in the body of the bird.

Keep in mind that cockatiels are highly susceptible to obesity, iodine deficiencies, and other diet-related problems.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet for your bird is quite crucial.

Alternatives to Grapes for Cockatiels

The leading staple food for cockatiels is seeds and grains.

The bird can eat both seeds and grains daily since they contain all the required nutrients.

However, maintaining a well-balanced diet tends to be quite crucial.

We recommend including other fruits and vegetables in the diet apart from grapes.

Excessive consumption of grapes tends to pose a negative to the well-being of your cockatiel pet.

Considering the alternatives to grapes for cockatiels happen to be the best idea.

Here are the possible alternatives to grapes for cockatiels:


Grapes are a fantastic snack and treat for your cockatiels.

They are packed with high-quality sources of nutrients and antioxidant properties, which tend to enhance the well-being of your bird.

However, overfeeding your cockatiels with grapes is a bad idea.

The excess sugar in the fruit will be stored in the bird’s body as fat.

Too much fat poses weight-related issues to your bird.

We recommend going for the alternatives or even mixing grapes with other fruits and vegetables.

This will help maintain a well-balanced diet and improve the lifespan of the cockatiels in the long run.

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