Can Chinchillas Eat Oats? Here’s What The Vet Says

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This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Oat is one of the most common snacks used by many chinchilla owners.

You can feed them with raw oats, oats porridge, or oat cookies.

However, it is essential to understand the ideal quantity of oat for your pet.

Oat hay is also another way of feeding your chinchilla; it is hard and yellow—that is why you should give it to your chinchilla sparingly.

However, if you are given the right quality, oat can be very beneficial to your chinchilla.

But if given in high quantities, it can make your chinchilla overweight.

Can Chinchilla Eat Oats?

Chinchillas tend to have small and too delicate stomachs, so they tend to digest light meals.

Oatmeal is recommended since it provides a chinchilla with various essential nutrients, and it’s easy for the chinchilla to digest.

But veterinarians recommend feeding with moderation since excess oatmeal may overload their small digestive system.

You can feed your chinchilla with raw oatmeal or prepare them oat porridge.

Cooked or not, oat is not instantly poisonous to your chinchilla and satisfies most of your dietary needs since they do not cause diarrhea, bloat, or any digestive issues.

When in the wilderness, chinchillas spend most of their time eating to gain enough calories.

That is why they prefer oat since it is among dense foods containing sugar, fat, and proteins.

Dense feeds are not available in the wilderness. Thus your chinchilla will enjoy these sweet snacks.

Healthy Benefits of Chinchilla Eating Oats

Oats are highly nutritious to chinchillas since they contain balanced nutrients and mineral composition.

Oats contain all the necessary fibers, proteins, and a high-fat content ratio.

Oat contains all important soluble Beta-glucan fiber, which has numerous health benefits to chinchillas.

The most crucial role is it causes increased growth of bacteria in the chinchilla digestive system.

Oats are a source of vitamin B9 and B5 and minerals like iron, manganese, iron, and biotin, essential for the chinchilla fur.

  • Oats improve hemoglobin production

Even though oats are carbohydrates, they are preferred due to their high fiber content because they keep the chinchilla filling full.

Oats are natural antioxidants since they contain avenanthramides, which lower blood pressure and lead to better blood flow.

Also, these compounds prevent itching in chinchilla hence smoother fur giving your chinchilla some comfortable times.

They would help in relieving constipation, especially if you had fed your chinchilla with some unsuitable meals.

Risk To Consider When Feeding Oats to Chinchilla

Oats tend to have high-fat content, and when a chinchilla is fed on this meal, they tend to be prone to fatty liver disease in which a chinchilla never recovers and real does the owner know the cause hence the name “silent killer.”

Oats reduce the calcium and Phosphorus ratio, which prevents the absorption of valuable nutrients from other meals such as hay, causing dental and bone weakness in chinchilla.

Continuous feeding of oats causes obesity due to their high carbohydrate volumes in each meal.

Oats contain Avenin and phytic acid, which prevents mineral absorption due to their binding effect.

The phytic acid causes ingestion in chinchillas due to the overfeeding of oats.

Oats have high magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus percentage and high volumes of these minerals in chinchilla causes hypomagnesemia, which results in renal failure.

Excess calcium results in hypocalcemia, which leads to anorexia, which results in poor feeding in the chinchilla.

Can Chinchilla Eat Oatmeal as Their Daily Diet?

It would help if you feed your chinchilla to other essential diets and not to over ingest oats.

Just like other treats, it is necessary to mind the quantity you give them.

You can start with a pinch of oats and observe how your chinchilla reacts to the new treat.

Keep the portion low to ensure your chinchilla remains healthy.

Like other snacks, oats should be fed to chinchillas moderately; however, it is advisable to incorporate oat into your daily chinchilla diets.

How Much Oat Can You Give Your Chinchilla?

How often should I give my chinchilla oat? It is not advisable to give your chinchilla oat so often; once a week, it would be okay.

This is because giving your chinchilla oats can lead to a lot of weight gain. It is also important to weigh your pet at a regular interval.

This will help you to identify if your chinchilla is gaining weight from the snacks. However, there are other health conditions that can cause weight gain or weight loss.

How much oat should I give my chinchilla? It is advisable to give your chinchilla two or three oats at a time.

This is because oat does not cause bloat or any nutritional deficiency and has moderately low calories, so if you give your pet a lot of it will cause significant

Can Chinchilla Eat Oatmeal Cookies?

An oatmeal cookie can be sweet and healthy for your chinchilla.

However, we encourage feeding your chinchilla with homemade oat cookies to avoid overfeeding your pet with sugar and other artificial ingredients.

Your pet will be intrigued by the cookies’ taste and aroma and will surely love the cookies.

On top of all the health benefits of oats, the cookies are also gluten-free.

You should also ensure that you store your pet cookies in an airtight container to ensure that they last for at least 4 to 5 days before they spoil.

Give your chinchilla a cookie per day and ensure that you do not overfeed them.


In small quantities, oat is a fanatstic food due to its high fiber content and mineral composition that have a long term growth effect.

But moderation is the key since overfeeding chinchilla oats has been found to cause digestive problems, bloating, and minimal absorption of nutrients and minerals which can result to malnutrition issues and dental problems to chinchilla which may not only affect the animal growth rate and health it may cause demise to the animal.

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