The Best Guinea Pig Shampoos (2021 Reviews)

While they’re extremely fastidious about their grooming, guinea pigs can contract parasites if not bathed on a regular basis, from fleas and ticks to lice and mites.

Not to mention that they tend to get smelly and dirty over time if not cleaned regularly.

Fortunately, there’s an extensive range of shampoo products on the market that can help you keep your guinea pig clean and healthy.

However, with the deluge of shampoo products for guinea pigs on the market, it can be quite the challenging feat to find the ideal product for your furry friend, especially if you don’t know exactly what to look for.

With that being said, this article is going to highlight the best shampoo products for guinea pigs available today, so you may want to stick around.

Quick Summary: Our Top 5 Picks

This pet shampoo from Earthbath is an organic shampoo that’s suitable for all kinds of pets. It’s designed specifically for pets that have dry and itchy skin.

Its ingredients include aloe vera and oatmeal, which are great for moisturizing the skin and preventing irritation.

It also does wonders for sensitive skin and helps promote healing. Not to mention that it’s highly affordable.

The Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo, while soap-free, does a brilliant job of cleaning your pet thoroughly and leaving it smelling good without using artificial fragrances.

Being a totally organic and biodegradable shampoo, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your cavy.

There are other formulations available such as Hypoallergenic and Mango Tango for different uses.


  • A satisfactory shampoo for virtually all pets
  • Moisturizes dry skin and prevents irritation
  • Safe and doesn’t utilize artificial fragrances
  • It’s available in a wide range of formulations


  • It tends to leave the hair a bit dull and frizzy
  • The packaging can use some improvements

The Kaytee Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo is a tearless, pH-balanced product that’s designed primarily for critters.

Just as the name indicates, this shampoo product leaves your pet squeaky clean without drying its sensitive skin.

This is an 8-ounce bottle of shampoo, so it’s going to last you for a very long time, considering that guinea pigs don’t require bathing on a frequent basis.

The great thing about this shampoo is that it boasts a formula that helps get rid of odors entirely so that your furry friend is left squeaky clean and smelling nice.

One thing you need to keep in mind, however, is that this pet shampoo has a fairly strong fragrance to it that kind of smells like baby powder.

If you don’t mind the smell, this product is going to be great for you and your pet.


  • Eliminates odors and leaves a pleasant smell
  • Tearless and pH-balanced for maximum safety
  • Perfect for critters as well as other small pets
  • Comes in a sizable bottle that’ll last very long


  • The scent it leaves behind can be a little strong
  • This shampoo isn’t made of organic ingredients

Don’t be confused by the product’s name, even though it indicates that it’s for dogs and cats, it’s great for guinea pigs as well.

This is a plant-based shampoo product that provides thorough and gentle cleaning for all small pets.

It’s safe for all pets, and it’s not harsh on the skin, making it an ideal shampoo for guinea pigs since they have highly sensitive skin.

While the previously-mentioned product seems to have received a lot of mixed feelings about its strong smell, the Bodhi Dog All Natural Shampoo doesn’t in fact, the majority of consumers that have tried this product seem to be very fond of its smell.

Further, this shampoo is free of alcohol and it comes with packed with a wide range of plant-based vitamins.


  • Deodorizes and helps fights off fungal infections
  • Leaves your guinea pig with an appealing scent
  • No dangerous ingredients used in its formulation
  • Perfect for moisturizing dry and irritated pet skin


  • One of the more expensive shampoos on our list
  • The directions on the bottle aren’t comprehensive

This certified pet shampoo is comprised entirely out of organic ingredients, which makes it super popular amongst pet owners.

Some of the ingredients that this shampoo consists of are a blend of organic aloe vera, lemongrass, and rosemary.

Further, the shampoo includes saponified organic oil of coconut, jojoba, and olive. This ensures thorough cleaning and soft, shiny hair.

The reason why the Fluppets Organic Pet Shampoo is as popular as it is now is because it’s an extremely concentrated shampoo, which means that you don’t need to apply much of it in order to get the desired lather.

Moreover, it’s non-toxic and contains zero artificial colors or fragrances, so you don’t have to worry about it harming or irritating your guinea pig’s skin.


  • Comes in a 16-ounce bottle that lasts for long
  • Doesn’t use any artificial colors or fragrances
  • It’s perfect for pets with itchy and sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t utilize petroleum or animal by-products


  • One of the more expensive shampoos on our list
  • The lemongrass smell of this product is too strong

If you’re a pet owner that’s not quite fond of giving baths or you’re always on the go, the Kaytee Quick & Clean Shampoo Spray is the ideal product for you.

This shampoo comes in the form of a spray. All you really need to do is spray a little bit of it on your pet’s hair and then gently rub it around its body.

This shampoo spray is perfect for guinea pigs that are fussy about water.

This shampoo spray isn’t only going to help clean your pet, but it’s also going to eliminate odors and dissolve oil.

However, just like the above-mentioned Kaytee product, this dry shampoo also has the same strong baby powder smell which may not be very convenient for some people.

All in all, this is a product that’ll help you keep your pet clean without the mess of water and lather.


  • Perfect for busy pet owners and fussy animals
  • One of the most affordable pet shampoos today
  • Features a gentle and pH-balanced formulation
  • Removes unwanted odors and helps dissolve oil


  • The fragrance this shampoo leaves is too strong
  • Not quite fond of the packaging of this shampoo

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Guinea Pig Shampoo

  • Coat and Skin Type

First and foremost, you have to determine the coat and skin type of your guinea pig.

You want to look into shampoo with mild formulas if your furry buddy has sensitive skin.

To be more specific, look for a shampoo that features ingredients such as rosewater and aloe vera. If your guinea pig has a normal coat and skin, you’ll find that general shampoos get the job done.

When it comes to cavies that have dry skin, itching can be a real problem.

In addition, they tend to be more prone to allergies that cavies with different skin types, which means that you must be on the lookout for hypoallergenic shampoos.

If you have a cavy that has longer hair, it’s crucial that you invest in a shampoo that will help moisturize its hair and make it more manageable.

  • Type of Shampoo

Some guinea pigs tend to get fussy about water. If this sounds like your pet, then you may want to consider buying dry shampoos.

Dry shampoo products don’t require water in order to do their job. This is also a perfect option if you’re someone who’s constantly on the go.

If your pet is fond of the water, on the other hand, a lather shampoo is the way to go.

  • Natural Ingredients

Shampoos that are comprised of organic ingredients are the best for all living creatures, not just guinea pigs.

These sorts of shampoos ensure great safety since the ingredients used in making them can be found in nature.

And by natural ingredients, we mean herbal extracts, oil essences, and vitamins.

These shampoos are often referred to as all-natural or all-organic shampoos.

  • Check If Your Guinea Pig Has Fleas or Ticks

Before you purchase a shampoo for your cavy, you want to check on whether your pet has ticks or fleas so that you can order a shampoo that can get rid of these parasites.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of guinea pig shampoos on the market that offer the treatment required to remove infestations and prevent them from taking place again.

Ingredients To Avoid In Guinea Pig Shampoo

  • Artificial Colors
  • Fragrances
  • Formaldehyde
  • Parabens
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Tips For How To Bathe Your Guinea Pig

The first thing you want to do is find a bathing place that your cavy can’t escape or climb out of.

You can choose to bathe your guinea pig in a bathtub or sink.

Further, make sure that you have a couple of towels nearby. Next, you want to fill up the sink or bathtub with warm water.

Turn off the tap when the water reaches 1.5 inches worth of depth.

Now, it’s time for you to grab your guinea pig gently and put it in the water.

You want to give your pet a few minutes to get acquainted with the water before you begin bathing it.

brown guinea pig taking a bath

Next, grab a cup and start pouring some of that warm water on your cavy and then apply the shampoo based on the instructions indicated on the bottle.

Make sure that shampoo is away from its face and ears.

While bathing your guinea pig, you want to offer it a few treats to distract it and help it relax.

You now want to grab the cup and start pouring warm water over your pet until there are no traces of the shampoo.

Next, you want to grab one of the two towels and dry your cavy thoroughly.

Then, grab the other towel and get it a little damp so that you can use it to wash your pet’s face.


While not necessary, you can grab your hairdryer and start blowing warm air onto your pet.

Now that your pet is all clean and thoroughly dry, you can go ahead and start combing the little ball of fluff and then put it back in its cage.

Keep in mind that in order for your cavy to stay clean, you have to make sure that its home is clean as well, or you’ll have to bathe it again in no time.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Guinea Pig

It’s important to keep in mind that guinea pigs have super sensitive skin, so it may not be a good idea to give your pet baths very frequently because it can strip the skin from natural oils.

In other words, guinea pigs don’t require daily or even weekly baths.

All you have to do is give your pet a bath once a month. And that’s talking about a long-haired guinea pig.

The fact that guinea pigs don’t require a lot of bathing allows you to see why they’re referred to as low-maintenance pets. You can also look at it from an economic viewpoint.

Since you won’t be bathing your pet frequently, the bottle of shampoo that you’re going to purchase is likely going to last you for years to come, even if it’s one of the smallest-sized shampoo bottles out there.


  • Can I Use Human or Babies Shampoo On Guinea Pigs?

No, you can’t. Shampoos that are designed for human hair contain chemicals that a guinea pig can find irritating to its skin and eyes. Look for shampoos that are specifically designed for pets.

  • Can I Use Dawn Dish Soap To Wash My Guinea Pig?

We strongly advise against using Dawn dish soap on guinea pigs.

The only time you should use Dawn dish soap is when your guinea pig has super gunky grease glands and you’re trying to cut your way through that grease.

  • What Happens If You Bathe a Guinea Pig Too Much?

Bathing a guinea pig too much will strip its skin from the natural oils that it needs.

Not to mention that guinea pigs find bathing to be very stressful, so it’s not a good idea to bathe your cavy more times than it really needs.

Final Words

Our prize for the Best Guinea Pig Shampoo has to go to Earthbath All Natural! Their gentle, foaming formula is convenient to use and does everything you need it to at an affordable price point.

Available in both vanilla and almond, their blend will leave your pet’s coat soft and shiny no matter what your preferences.

It’s the perfect way to spruce up your guinea pig’s coat without resorting to harsh chemicals, and also has the bonus of leaving it in great condition thanks to its guar conditioner.