Walking Your Ferret: The best ferret harness (2022 Buying Guide & Reviews)

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Did you know that ferrets are becoming more and more popular with pet lovers? It’s not hard to see why.

Ferrets are intelligent, curious animals. They need proper exercise and active play to stay healthy and fit.

Going out for a walk is one way to do that. Just make sure you have the best ferret harness.  

Our Best Ferret Harnesses

A Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick The Right Harness For Your Ferret

With so many choices on the market, it can be deciding on a good ferret harness. Use your buyer’s guide to help you know what to look for and how to pick the one that best meets your pet’s needs.

  • Material

A good harness should be strong enough to keep your ferret from slipping away. It should also be soft on his skin to prevent irritation and injuries. Most harnesses are made of Cotton or mesh.

An ideal leash is made of Elastic. It’s the perfect choice to give you a firm hold on your pet without harming his back, neck, or joints.

  • Size

A good harness should allow your ferret to feel comfortable as he moves around. At the same time, it should also be firm enough to prevent him from escaping.

The H-style harness has proven to be the most reliable, but small-sized ferrets tend to slip through the buckles. If you feel your ferret needs something with a firmer grip, try the ferret vest.

Almost any type of harness you choose will have either straps or buckles. They help you find the best fit for your pet.

  • Design

There are three basic ferret harness types. Each one differs in style and design.

According to ferret experts and vets, the best ferret harness has an “H” shape. H-Style Harnesses have two large loops. One loop goes around the neck like a standard collar. The second loop goes around the waist and behind the front legs.

There’s also a third strap that goes along the ferret’s spine. This strap does two things. It connects the first two loops and prevents your ferret from slipping out. Anyone who knows how skillful ferrets are at escaping knows this is an important feature to have.

If you have a small-sized ferret, this is the best option. These harnesses are usually made from comfy, cozy materials that are gentle on a young ferret’s skin.

They’re designed in a way that makes it difficult to slide through. They’re also more affordable and better suited for smaller animals.

When it comes to harnesses for small animals, we’re always looking for a design that keeps them safe and comfortable. The 8-style harness is practical and easy to use.

The downside is the way it’s designed makes it easy for ferrets to slip through. And that’s the last thing you want when you’re out on a walk with your pet ferret.

How To Train Your Ferret To Wear A Harness

Here are some tips on how to train your ferret to get used to wearing a harness. Remember to reward him with Treats, affection, and love. It’ll turn it into an enjoyable activity, rather than something he detests. Follow these steps to help ease your ferret into his harness.

  1. Start by familiarizing him with the harness without putting it on.
  2. After a couple of days, attempt to place it on him. If he resists, wait another day.
  3. Once he’s accepted the harness, let him play indoors with it on.
  4. If he shows discomfort, adjust the straps for a better fit.
  5. After a few days, attach the leash to the harness and guide him through your home.
  6. When you feel he’s ready, it’s time to take your pet ferret out for a short walk.

Safety Tips For Using A Ferret Harness

Read ahead for important safety tips.

  • Be Gentle

Unlike dogs, ferrets won’t follow your command if you tug on the leash. Plus, they’re more susceptible to injuries. It’s best if you avoid pulling on the leash at all. Try to apply other methods to get their attention or redirect their behavior.

  • Avoid Traffic

Ferrets may be known for their mischievous nature, but they get scared quite easily. So, it’s best to avoid traffic and busy areas altogether.

  • Be Prepared

Even though ferrets can only make it through a few minutes of walking, they get tired pretty quickly. So don’t forget to bring a carrier. They also get hot and start to sweat. It’s important to make sure your ferret is well-hydrated, no matter how short the walk is. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring along a bottle of water. 

Plus, it’ll be a reminder for you to take a few sips as well. Besides water, you may also need to bring treats and Poop Bags along with you on your walk.

The 6 Best Ferret Harnesses

The Marshall harness is a dependable and secure harness. You can put it on and remove it with the help of snap-buttons. One of the best features is that it’s specifically designed for ferrets. 

This harness and leash are both made with flat nylon, which is both lightweight and breathable. Connecting these nylon straps are two loops. One is located at the back of the neck, while the other is located at the waist. 

The Marshall harness is adjustable for an optimal and safe fit. It’s available in several trendy colors to match your ferret’s personality.

The Niteangel small animal harness is one of the most functional harnesses on the market. It’s easy to put on and adjust for a comfortable, relaxed fit.

Speaking of comfort, this harness is made with padding as well as a soft mesh material. It has a nylon strap, which can be adjusted with the help of the Velcro strip.

There’s also a snap buckle. The harness is breathable yet supportive to prevent your ferret from slipping through.

The Niteangel harness comes in sizes ranging from small to X-large. It’s best suited for animals weighing between 2 and 4.5 pounds. It’s also available in 8 trendy colors to match your ferret’s personality.

The Margelo harness has a stylish and unique look. Available in either blue or red, it’s well-designed and soft on your pet’s skin.

What’s so great about this harness is that it’s completely handmade from soft and comfy cotton. It provides breathability to reduce any inflammations of the skin.

The straps are located near the front legs. You can easily adjust them to provide your ferret a comfortable, secure fit. It’s best suited for ferrets weighing between 2 and 5 pounds.

Besides the cute white angel wings, you’ll also find a small golden bell. This feature helps you easily locate your pet ferret.

The Harness-N-Leash is adorable, sturdy, and the perfect accessory for your pet ferret. It features high-quality plastic buckles, which allow for easy adjustments to best fit your ferret.

It’s made with denim, which is both durable and comfortable. There are brass-colored hardware parts to complete the stylish look.

Besides the buckles, there’s a Velcro strap. It helps make the fit a bit more snug without causing your pet any discomfort.

There’s also a cute golden bell. It’s a handy feature that helps you keep track of your pet both indoors and outdoors.

The Petco Deluxe harness offers two straps. One fits around your pet’s neck, and the other goes around his waist. They provide a snug, secure fit without causing any discomfort.

The harness comes with a leash in matching color. Both the leash and the harness are fully adjustable with the help of sliding buckles.

The clasp buckle is on top of the harness. It’s located at the back of your pet’s neck, rather than being underneath his legs. This boosts comfort and reduces the risk of injuries.

Made of mesh, the harness and leash are ideal for providing the support your ferret needs as he goes out on his walks. It’s lightweight and breathable, making this harness perfect for all weather conditions.

The Stock Show ferret vest comes in a checkered pattern design. It’s stylish and, more importantly, well-made to provide your ferret with a comfortable fit.

Made from top-quality cotton, this vest harness is breathable. This means it’s soft and fits securely. It won’t cause any irritations or scrapping on your pet’s skin.

It comes with two secure buckles. They make it easy to put on and take off the vest. Plus, it ensures your ferret won’t slip through the straps and runoff.

This harness comes in three basic sizes: small, medium, and large. The small size is for animals with an average chest circumference of 10 and 11 inches.


  • Can a ferret be walked on a leash?

Yes, a ferret can be walked on a leash like a cat or a dog. But it’s best to keep the walk to an average of 10 minutes at a time. If he’s a young ferret, you can go up to 15 minutes of walking. 

Just make sure you let him rest for a couple of minutes in between. However, if your ferret is old, try not to go over 7 minutes. Long walks may cause them pain in their bones and joints since old ferrets are susceptible to bouts of arthritis.

  • How do you put a harness on a ferret?

If your ferret prefers staying indoors or is easily spooked, the first thing you have to do is calm him down. You can start by gently stroking or brushing him. When he’s calmed down, place the straps around his belly first. Then, you can move to the other straps.

  • How tight should a harness be on a ferret?

You’ll know the harness is at the perfect balance of being tight enough without causing discomfort when you can slip one finger underneath it.

  • Can I use a small dog harness for a large ferret?

No. Vets recommend that you only use a harness made specifically for ferrets and other small animals.

  • How do I measure my ferret for a new harness?

The best way to measure your ferret is to start by measuring around the base of his neck. Then measure around the middle part of his waist. To measure the back, start at the base of his neck. Go between the shoulder blades until you reach the base of his tail.

Our Top Pick

Being highly curious and intelligent creatures, ferrets are always on the move. They’re playful and cute animals who require intellectual stimulation and physical exercise. 

Since the best way to do both is by taking your ferret on a walk, we decided to review the 6 best harnesses on the market. 
Have you found one that best matches your pet’s needs? We sure have! Our top pick is the Marshall Ferret Harness. This harness is a favorite among ferret-lovers. It’s made with high-quality materials that are both durable yet lightweight. Thanks to its innovative design, your ferret will feel safe and snug in this adorable harness.