What’s The Best Ferret Hammocks: reviewed

ferret sleeping in a blue hammock

Ferrets are naughty and sweet, the perfect combination for a favorite pet. They’ve been Domesticated For Hundreds Of Years.

Thus, it’s not a surprise at all to see them immortalized in some of the greatest Classical Paintings, sitting in a royal person’s lap.

Lately, ferrets made a comeback in the exciting world of pets. More and more people are recognizing their warmth and intelligence in addition to their vibrancy.

There are so many ferret toys and accessories in the market, but I believe that a hammock is one of the loveliest things you can get your furry friend.   

Here’s a roundup of the 5 best ferret hammocks and how to pick the right one. Plus, everything you need to know about ferret’s sleep and play behaviors.

The Best Ferret Hammocks: In-Depth Review

This is a typical hammock setup. It’s an open space where your ferret can lounge, sleep, and observe life from a vantage point.

The fleece material is especially nice for the ferrets with a thin coat. It wouldn’t be rough on its sensitive skin, and your pet might end up spending most of its time up there.

If you have a couple of ferrets, the ample space provided by this hammock will accommodate them with comfort and ease.

You can set up this hammock in a matter of minutes by inserting the clips in the proper places around the sides of the enclosure.

Every other day, you can take it down just as easily and wash it to keep your pet’s bed in top condition. You can wash it by hand or use a washing machine, it’s a convenient fabric that doesn’t require excessive care.

The premium material and diligent workmanship push the price of this hammock to a high price point, but it’s justifiable by the extra durability and luxury it offers.

The best part about this hammock is its tunnel-like shape. Your ferrets can use the top or bottom surfaces, as the whim takes them.

The lower surface would give them a hideaway feel, while the top part can be their lounging deck.

The material is plush and soft, which is what ferrets love. It’s the closest thing they get to sleeping in your lap.

The sleeping space of the Niteangel isn’t as large as the UsefulThingy, but it provides more options for leisure.

It can fit a couple of small or thin ferrets, but it might not be the best option for larger and heavier pets.

It comes at a budget-friendly price, which is always good to hear. Especially with that quality and design. 

What are the three things ferrets like more than anything else? Hiding, playing, and sleeping. That’s exactly what the Ferret Nation kit offers your pet.


It consists of a hanging cube, where ferrets play-pretend that it’s their own little cave. Then there’s a padded tunnel for their hide-and-seek routine.


Finally, they’ll become completely spent with exhaustion. That’s where the traditional hammock presents itself as the ultimate destination of soft slumber. 


The whole package is washable, which is something you’ll be doing often. Ferrets are like cats and dogs in their tendency to have a distinct earthy smell. The difference is, that you shouldn’t give your ferrets frequent showers. It’s uncomfortable for them.


That’s why is essential to keep their surroundings extra-clean. This will reflect on the freshness of their odor.  


This integrated set comes at a competitive price. When you place it side by side with the same items with their individual prices, you’ll see that it has a clear advantage.

Pets like all sorts of stimulation. They’ll get a good dose of sensory tickling with this hammock. The coupling of fleece and canvas gives a rich overall texture, your pets will mostly relish the variety.

It’s also shaped like an organic structure that you could see in nature. It curves, dips, and rises in an interesting manner. That’ll suit the inquisitive temperament of your furry friend.

The prints on the canvas side of the hammock show several pets in various forms of napping and playing. Thoughtful!

This hammock is generally easy-to-use. You can set it up in a jiffy, remove it just as simply, and then wash it in any regular machine.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the price tag of this hammock. It leaves the pet-care budget pretty intact, and you can buy much more pet-stuff like Toys, bedding, and high-protein food.

The final hammock of this roundup is the ideal exotic model you’d see on a jet-set beach. Watching your pet napping on it would be an amusing sight.


I bet it would keep on giving you ideas about vacations and sunny days in the sand and the sea!


This colorful rope net hammock will probably awaken the Tarzan inside your ferret. Even if your pet is the lazy type, it wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to brave all these tiny cables.


All this climbing wouldn’t just be for the fun value. The consistent clawing keeps the ferret’s nails in check. This is important for its well being as well as yours.


It’s also better for the furniture in your house. They’ll probably take their scratching business to the hammock for a while and leave your upholstery alone.


This hammock might be a bit tight for a couple of large ferrets, but it’ll be a perfect recliner for smaller pets. Especially if they like to loop around each other.

5 Things To Look When Purchasing Ferret Hammocks

To choose the perfect hammock for your ferret, you might want to consider the following:

  • High Strength

Adult ferrets have a significant weight. When they move about and play with one another, their weight would likely be felt even more.

That’s why it’s essential to get a hammock with strong clips and attachments.

  • Washable Fabric

The fabric should sustain All Aspects Of Washing. It shouldn’t be too demanding as to require a cold water rinse by hand and hanging to dry. That would be hard to keep up.


Machine washing and drying is your top choice. It should also be non-colorfast and preshrunk. It’s not amusing to put a colorful large item in the machine, only to receive it as a blotched miniature at the end. 

  • Sturdy Material

Your ferret will probably chew on its hammock, claw it, leave some wastes in it, and use it as a trampoline.

A good hammock should be able to withstand all that roughing up without suffering too much. You’d also wash it frequently, so it should also take the repeated cleaning and drying.

  • Comfortable Design

Hammocks are interesting playthings, but ultimately, they’ll be used for lounging and sleeping. Comfort is a high priority in hammocks.

Comfortable design is often associated with softness and warmth. That’s why fleece is among the most popular textures for hammocks.

  • Easy To Use

This is mainly concerned with how to install and remove the hammock. If it needs a manual to set it up, then you might want to pass on that model.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ferret Hammocks?

A hammock is a lovely decoration and plaything you can give your ferret, and it actually serves more purposes. Here are some of its benefits:

  • A Luxurious Bed For Sleepyhead

Ferrets adore their nap time. When they’re in their enclosure; chances are they’ll be chasing their own tails or sleeping.

That’s why it’s best to pay extra attention to where they’ll be spending all that quality time.

  • It Doubles As A Play Area

A hammock is also an opportunity for a bit more playing. Pets get bored easily, and their temperament becomes sunny as they get more stimulation and amusement.

  • An Occasional Jungle Gym

Ferrets aren’t the best climbers, but they appreciate having props they could easily ascend. It offers them the right kind of challenge.

  • It’s Well Ventilated And Fresh

Furry animals, in general, feel the ambient temperature differently from humans. They like to feel warm, but appreciate a bit of ventilation. A hanging bed provides them with just that.

  • To Keep The Ferret’s Fur Clean

A hammock is also kept away from the floor of the enclosure where they leave their remains. It’s a much cleaner spot for them to sleep in.

  • More Free Space

A hanging bed leaves more uncluttered space in the enclosure for free play and running around. This is a cherished perk for the fun-loving ferret.

How Do You Clean A Ferret Hammock?

Most good quality hammocks can be machine washed. The best ones are dryer friendly too.

You’ll have to clean the hammock quite often, so handwashing would be inconvenient.

To start the cleaning process; coax your ferret away from the hammock. Unclasp the clips, then, machine-wash it like any other laundry.

You can add fabric softeners to enhance its texture and odor. But first, make sure that this cleaning product wouldn’t cause any discomfort for your ferret


  • Why Do Ferrets Sleep In Hammocks?

They like the elevated level, and a hammock reminds them of sleeping in your lap. It also provides them with better ventilation and facilities temperature regulation.

  • How Can I Install A Ferret Hammock?

The hammock often comes with four clips. Measure the appropriate locations in the enclosure, and clasp the clips on opposite corners. That’s just it.

The hammock could come with other accessories like a hanging cube or a hide-and-seek tunnel. These often have separate installation instructions, but that should also be easy.

  • Can A Ferret Hammock Be Used Outside Of A Cage As Well?

If you can find a good spot, then, by all means, hang it outside too.

  • How Much Weight Can A Ferret Hammock Hold?

A sturdy hammock carries around 20 lbs, which is more than the weight of two chubby ferrets.

Our Top Pick

Here’s a fun fact: a group of ferrets is called a ‘business’! And if you see them at play; you’d think that this name is so on point. Ferrets are active and diligent little pets that totally earn their rest.

The top pick from this roundup of ferret hammocks is the MidWest Home For Pets Ferret Nation Accessories Kit. It’s the perfect mini jungle gym for this inquisitive and highly active pet.