Top 5 Best Brush for Rabbits In 2022

rabbit grooming brush

Rabbits are fuzzy and cute. Their hair is soft and extremely fine, unlike other pets. 

When it comes to brushing their hair, you have to find one that’s specially designed for your pet rabbit. You need to find one with the right type of bristles, handle, and design.

We reviewed many rabbit brushes. Then we put together this comprehensive guide of the best brushes for rabbits for you to choose from.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Rabbit Brush

Before diving into our review of the best brush for rabbits, you need to know what to look for. Let’s discuss some factors to consider.

  • Convenience

There are several factors to consider in a convenient brush. Choose a brush with a comfortable, non-slip handle. Brushes are usually made of plastic or wood.

Another factor is how easy it is to clean. The brush will quickly fill up with dirt and debris. Finding a brush that you can wash out quickly is important.

It also has to be water-resistant to be able to withstand frequent cleaning. Some models are self-cleaning.

  • Durable Design

The best brush is the one that can stand up to frequent use and regular cleaning. This also means the bristles should be firm, and its joints should be strong.

It’ll also make your life and your bunny’s life much easier if you get the right sized-brush. Find a brush that’s proportional to your bunny’s weight and size.

  • Safety Measures

Bunnies tend to have Delicate Skin, which can easily get hurt. So, you have to find a brush with the highest safety standards.

This depends on the thickness of the bristles. The finer and richer the bristles are, the safer the brush will be for your rabbit.

Also, try to stay away from slicker brushes. They’re too sharp for your bunny’s tender skin.

  • Stiff Bristles

Rabbits have sensitive skin so the best type of bristles is those made of round edges or plastic tips.

These are gentle on the bunny’s skin while offering a thorough combing. The downside is they tend to break easily. Plus, if they’re too bendy or soft, they won’t get the job done.

You can also choose stainless steel bristles. They’re more durable, but could be sharp on your rabbit’s skin.

Benefits Of Using A Rabbit Brush

‘Why do I need to brush my rabbit’s hair?’ That’s a common question many rabbit lovers often ask.

It’s a valid question. After all, bunnies are known for their remarkable Self-Grooming Skills. But they’re also known to lose a lot of hair because they’re always shedding.

This is why regular brushing is essential. It helps reduce the amount of hair that will drop year-round in your home.

Plus, brushing your bunny prevents him from ingesting a large amount of hair. If they swallow some hair, that’s fine. Yet if they swallow too much, it can have a severe impact on their health.

Top Tips For Brushing Your Rabbit

Some rabbits Shed Their Old Coat in a matter of days. Others take a couple of weeks to get rid of their old hair, depending on the species.

Brushing your rabbit two or three times per week ensures a clean rabbit and a clean home. It also reduces the risk of intestinal problems that can occur if your bunny ingests too much hair.

The brushing process involves several steps. Let’s go through each one.

1. Make Your Rabbit Comfortable

Did you know that rabbits are Naturally Shy? Getting your rabbit to trust you and feel secure when you pick him up is the first step.

Create a sense of familiarity between the two. Try to pat him gently and get close to him.

As time goes by, he’ll feel safe enough to allow you to pick him up. That’s when you know it’s time to introduce him to the brush.

2. Meet The Brush

Rabbits are wary of anything new and unfamiliar. So to get him to feel safe, you can leave the brush somewhere close-by.

This way, your bunny can smell the brush. He’ll even try to bite it. It’s their way of familiarizing themselves with anything new in their surrounding.

The best brushing tool is one that’s designed especially for rabbits. A brush with fine, stiff bristles should do the trick.

3.Brush, Brush, Brush

Gently pick up your bunny and lay him on your lap. You can also place him on a table or bed.

Some leave the bunny in his cage as they brush him. This could add a sense of security and comfort. Just make sure you place a towel underneath him first.

Here a few tips to remember when brushing your rabbit.

  • Start at the back of the neck, brush downwards until you get to just before the tail.
  • Always make sure you’re brushing in the direction of the fur, never against it.
  • Try to have even and consistent brush strokes. It helps your bunny relax.
  • Even strokes help cover the entire area, so you don’t miss a spot.
  • If there’s a knot, never attempt to pull on the hair. This can seriously injure your rabbit.
  • Try to brush the knots gently. If it doesn’t work, it’s best to leave it for the vet.

The 5 Best Brushes For Rabbits: Reviewd

Are you looking for a gentle and effective way to brush your pet rabbit? You won’t find anything better than this versatile comb brush.

This brush releases trapped dirt and loose hair while being gentle on your bunny’s skin. It’s designed for optimal comfort and relaxation.

The Brands brush is made with soft, flexible bristles that feature round tips. It offers your rabbit a soothing massage that promotes healthy blood flow.

The entire brush is 6 inches long and easily fits into the palm of your hand. Its ergonomic anti-slip surface means you don’t have to worry about handles that break or slide out of your hand.

Another great feature is its self-cleaning mechanism. Just push the button and the bristles will retract into the brush. Wipe away all the hair and dirt, then push the button again for the bristles to come out.

The CleanHouse Pets brush for rabbits is designed to effectively reduce shedding.

It’s 7 inches long and ensures that the bristles will get rid of dirt, debris, and unwanted loose hair. It’s also great at gently removing tangles.

One reason why many rabbit owners love this brush is that it works great on all hair types. It gently frees your bunny of excess hair, which leaves him comfortable and content.

The reason why the CleanHouse Pets brush is so popular is its self-cleaning mechanism. All you have to do is press the button, and the bristles are pulled inward.

This leaves the hair and debris out so you can easily wipe them off. Then, once you’re done, push down on the button again for the bristles to pop back out.

Does your bunny enjoy a good, relaxing massage? You bet! And the compact 4.7-inch long DELE brush is the best tool for it.

Its Silicone-Based bristles make the grooming process much easier and hassle-free. This design ensures that your bunny’s tender skin won’t get hurt or injured.

Even though the bristles are soft, they can reach deep into your rabbit’s coat to remove loose hair. It’s also great at removing debris and dirt stuck in his hair.

The DELE massage brush is easy to clean. It can’t rust or get damaged from constant washing and rinsing. Just wash with soap and water, and leave to air dry.

Another great feature is its ergonomic handle. It’s comfortable to hold and won’t cause any stress on your hands. It’s also anti-slip to prevent it from slipping out of your hands as you’re brushing your bunny.

The Living World Animal brush is designed specifically for rabbits. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy. It’s made with durable plastic materials for added durability.

The metal bristle tips are rounded. This ensures that your bunny’s sensitive skin is safe from scratches and bruising.

Another feature that makes this brush an excellent option for your rabbit is that it has two sides. One side has metal bristles to remove loose hair and  gently straighten out knots.

The other side has soft bristles that work at keeping your bunny’s coat shiny and clean.

This combo brush measures a little less than 6 inches, which makes it easy to use on your rabbit’s legs or backside.

The Hertzko Double-Sided brush has a great design. With this brush, you’re really getting your money’s worth.

One of its best features is its double-sided design. On one side, you’ll find sturdy, yet gentle, bristles with rounded tips. The bristles remove all loose, unwanted hair.

The other side is similar to a slicker brush. Yet it doesn’t have the harsh, thick bristles that can injure your bunny’s sensitive skin. This side helps break up knots and matted hair, while gently untangling your rabbit’s hair.

Another great feature is Hertzko’s ergonomically-designed handle. It’s also anti-slip for maximum comfort, even with regular uses. Being only 9.5 inches long, your hands won’t feel any discomfort or pain.


Here are a few questions that people often ask when it comes to brushing their rabbit.

  • How often should I brush my rabbit?

You should brush your rabbit at least every three days. During days of heavy shedding, brushing should be done every day.

  • What happens when you don’t brush your rabbit?

Rabbits tend to shed their hair quickly. Brushing gets rid of that extra hair. If you don’t brush your rabbit regularly, he’ll do it himself.

But, unlike cats, rabbits can’t spit out Hairballs. This can lead to a blockage in their digestive system, which can result in severe health problems.

  • Should I wash my rabbit?

No, you don’t need to wash your rabbit. Rabbits are known for their great hygiene, so much so that they seldom need a bath. Plus, they Don’t Care For Baths all that much.

The only time when your bunny will need a bath is when you’re advised to by a vet. The other time is when you need to ‘spot-clean’ your bunny. This usually happens when your bunny’s spilled something or has a messy backside.

  • Can I use a regular brush on a rabbit?

No, you must use a brush made specifically with rabbits’ sensitive skin in mind. The best type is a bristle brush. It provides a gentle, thorough brushing of your rabbit’s coat.

Our Top Pick

The market is full of brushes for your pet rabbit, and finding the best one can be a challenge.

Each of these 5 brushes offers thorough brushing and grooming. They also help clean your rabbit’s hair and remove trapped debris.

Our favorite best brush for rabbits is the Brands Pet Comb Brush. It’s gentle on the skin, yet reaches deep down to remove trapped dirt and debris.

The bristles are well-designed and sturdy to smooth away any tangles. They also provide your bunny with a nice massage that’ll make him happy and healthy. Its self-cleaning and ergonomic design makes the whole brushing process easy and effective.