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You can barely overlook the significance of animal intelligence.

Its role in highlighting their adaptability to new or specif environments is matchless.

What is more, this intelligence defines how much they will learn about their surroundings.

Things are not different when it comes to chinchillas.

Are these pets intelligent? Can they recognize basic commands and even their owners? Well, here are the insights you need into this.

How Smart Are Chinchillas?

There is no denying that chinchillas are some of the most intelligent animals you could ever have in your home.

Their ability to recognize their names and their owners remains remarkable.

You will also get smitten by how fast they tend to learn basic commands.

As if that is not enough, you will appreciate how fast these pets can gather social skills.

They will comfortably interact and remain friendly with people after a few lessons, which is magical.

While you cannot give these chinchillas an IQ test, you will be sure of their enhanced ability to solve various issues.

One of the reasons that could highlight the intelligence of these animals is their learning abilities.

It is relatively effortless to train these pets about anything, thanks to their enhanced grasping power.

Did you know that some people even qualify their chinchillas to perform different tricks? As such, you can hardly doubt that they will stake the least time to understand all the commands.

Do Chinchillas Have a Good Memory?

Most often, intelligence goes hand in hand with enhanced memory.

Things are no different when it comes to chinchillas, as they boast of incredible memory capacity.

Usually, their memory of voices and faces stands out as the most remarkable.

It is for this reason that they will always be excited upon seeing a familiar face. That will include their friends and owners.

For instance, if you were to put it in a cage, it will take a relatively short time for them to master everything.

This ability makes the chinchillas more adaptable to various environments. While at it, you will witness that they choose specific spots within the cage to urinate.

This way, they keep themselves hygienic at all times.

It is no surprise that chinchillas will readily identify aromas and scents. Through this, it becomes easier for them to identify their owners without necessarily seeing them.

The ability to remember routine is worth lauding and associating with memory.

Unless one has a good memory, sticking to a routine will barely suffice.

Fortunately, that is what you get from chinchillas. Once you initiate them into specific practices, including through positive reinforcements, they will always remember it.

Chinchillas are some of the few animals that mourn the death of their fellows. It is barely uncommon for them to change drastically whenever any cage mate dies, proving that they understand what mortality is. Death is an elusive concept even for children, but this is hardly the case with chinchillas.

You can hardly overlook how conscious chinchillas are to hygiene.

From setting apart specific places to urinate in the cage to bathing themselves, they are intelligent.

As long as you put them in a dust bath, they will take the time and effort to ensure that they are clean.

They will also aim at keeping their cage relatively clean at all times. That is something you will miss from various animals.

Are Chinchillas Smarter Than Other Pets and Rodents?

There is no denying that chinchillas portray a sense of intelligence so unmatched among many pets.

Unrivaled memory, trainability, and self-bathing abilities highlight their intelligence. They, indeed, are wittier than other animals.

For instance, it will be fair to mention that these pets are more intelligent than rabbits and squirrels.

Some experts believe that they could be more intelligent than cats and dogs too. With the various studies going into proving this, experts opine that chinchillas play with humans.

Can Chinchillas Learn Their Names and Identify Voices?

Learning names is often a reflection of improved memory and intelligence among animals.

Identifying voices is yet another additional aspect, as it helps in not only protecting themselves from predators but also identify their owners.

It is no surprise that all these aspects are dominant in chinchillas.

Typically, chinchillas pride themselves in enhanced memories when it comes to mastering their names.

These pets will come in handy in distinguishing familiar voices, and ensuring that they are in safe hands.

That they will remember their names is no secret. You can see this by how excited they get whenever they see their owners. Besides, they will readily respond to their names.

As if that is not enough, they will readily identify their owners’ scent, regardless of whether they have seen them or not.

Usually, chinchillas will respond to their names in different ways.

One way is that they will stop whatever they are doing and turn around.

The other way is getting excited at the mention of their name.

Are Chinchillas Smart Enough to Learn Tricks and Commands?

Undoubtedly, chinchillas come with a relatively high knowledge-grasping power.

That you will take a reasonably short time to train them on multiple issues is no news.

Regardless of the training method you embrace, you will be confident of getting impressive results much sooner.

Their mastery of new skills, commands, and tricks remains one of the best.

For example, it will take no more than a few days to train your chinchilla on how to use a litter box.

During this training period, you will get smitten by how sharp and focused they will be.

It is through this that they become adaptable to distinct environments. Thanks to their enhanced memory, the process will often be seamless.

Training Tips for Chinchillas

Multiple variables go into the efficient training of your chinchilla.

However, unless you understand how to do it, you will hardly reap the results you envision.

Here are a few tips that could come in handy for you.

  • Ensure that you train your chinchilla within a relatively spacious and open place. This way, they will have no problem running around or playing during the session. While at it, ensure that the pet gets used to this space or environment
  • The ability to grasp details will vary from one pet to another. That is despite the period taking a relatively short time. To this end, it would be best for you to remain calm and patient during the whole training process.
  • Once your chinchilla feels accustomed to the environment, you will be free to bring it a few treats. This move comes in handy in building trust between you and your chinchilla. It will also help identify its favorite treat.
  • Enhance positive reinforcement. That means you can only give the treat when your chinchilla does something good.


Can Chinchillas Remember Pathways and Retrace Their Ways Back?

Undoubtedly, chinchillas will always remember where they come from and where they are going. Retracing their path will be no hassle.

Thanks to their sharp memory, they will readily master the routes and any paths. Besides, they can use their rely on their sense of smell to retrace their usual habitat.


the intelligence of chinchillas is relatively hard to overstate.

Whether you are looking at their memory or how easy it is to train them, you will get smitten.

With their level of intelligence, you will often want to be close to them. These are the pets you should have!

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