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From their increased curiosity and affection to their unmatched affordability, chinchillas will always be amazing pets.

If you are thinking of becoming a new pet parent, having a chinchilla will be the ultimate solution.

Besides being plush and soft, these furry pets tend to be more than loving and kid-friendly. But do they cuddle?

Are Chinchillas Cuddly?

The simple answer to this is a big no.

While chinchillas have proven to be affectionate, their distaste for cuddling has never been in hiding.

Whether you are the pet parent or not, these animals will hardly be the best lap-pets.

From their curiosity and playfulness, these lively pets will keep you entertained without necessarily snuggling.

Perhaps, we could attribute their disdain for cuddling to their preying nature.

That means they would appreciate being let free and able to play at any time.

However, there will always be a need for you to give them due attention.

That is because chinchillas tend to turn aggressive when they do not get the attention they deserve from their pet parents.

However, that should not mean that there are no exceptions.

Once in a while, you will find a chinchilla that wants to be in your arms at all times.

This number is limited, but it could happen. Usually, this cuddling will happen about a few days after weaning from their mother.

That is most likely because it will be missing its mother’s company, and a little bonding would suffice.

One aspect that determines how cuddly your pet will be is the socialization you enhance.

If you acquire it from a breeder that focused on warming up to cuddles, yours will be cuddly. If not, you are unlucky and will have to wait for another opportunity.

Noteworthy to say, studying the body language of your pet will help discern its love for cuddling.

From their postures to the noise they produce, you can comfortably tell when they want to cuddle or not.

For instance, a chinchilla that gets agitated when you draw too close will barely be ideal for cuddling. When this happens, learn to respect your pet lest you get bitten.

Why Do Chinchillas Like to Cuddle?

There is no doubt that chinchillas barely love cuddling. However, this aspect becomes inescapable when they get weaned from their mothers.

That is because they would be looking for an opportunity to bond with other beings, including the pet parent.

When this happens, it would be best to give it the full love it deserves.

It would be fair to mention that chinchillas will only appreciate cuddling when they are lonely.

This animal could also consider climbing on you and perching on your shoulder.

Their brushed, gentle scratching will leave you wholly massaged. Through this, they will also enjoy the peace that they so deserve.

So, what happens when you want them to be all cuddly? It all lies in how you socialize them.

Take the time to interact with your pet frequently. Right from the onset, ensure that you nurture it in a way that appreciates cuddling.

This way, they end up falling in love with the art, which could be the only way to find comfort.

When Do Chinchillas Like to Cuddle?

Various aspects go into highlighting when chinchillas appreciate cuddling and when they do not.

Their love with cuddling will depend on two things, including how long you have been with them and their age.

Usually, chinchillas will want to cuddle after spending an incredible period with you.

Ideally,m the goal is to ensure that they are comfortable in the new environment before trusting anyone.

This duration often lies between 7 and 14 days from when you acquire them from their breeder.

As long as you are friendly with this pet during this transition period, it could readily fall in love with you.

While at it, you could consider taking your pet out from time to time.

How about a 30-45 minute walk daily? Such will be the time for you to interact with it and even get to bond.

Doing this will ensure that you start cuddling with your pet much sooner than you envision.

Also, these pets tend to be more vulnerable after weaning from their mothers.

It is during such moments that they will need all the company they need. And cuddling could be the right solution at this point.

Usually, they get weaned at eight weeks. Now would be the right time for you to socialize and initiate it to cuddle.

This way, attaining a lifetime of cuddles will barely be a hassle.

How do I Get My Chinchilla Cuddly?

There is no denying that chinchillas would prefer exploring and remaining playful at all times.

Being on your laps all day long could be an uphill task for most of them.

But who would not love a sweet hug from time to time? Not even chinchillas can resist this.

First, it would be best for you to pick your chinchilla from a good breeder. Great breeders will ensure that they bring up chinchillas that like to be handled.

Right from birth, they can relate well with the people around them. If you get such excellent breeders, it will be much easier for you to make your pet more cuddly.

Further, you could get your chinchilla cuddly by getting relatively friendlier with them. Take the time to interact with them and even play together.

With time, these pets get accustomed to the environment, including you. The closer you get, the more cuddly they tend to be with you.

While this could take time, even months, it is one of the best ways forward.

Ideally, socializing is all it takes for your chinchilla to be cuddly.

With the right lessons and exposure, you will be sure to get what you need.

Positive reinforcements could suffice at this time. From there on, you will get all the warm hugs you need from your pet.

Male VS Female Chinchilla: Which is More Cuddly?

Did you know that the personalities of chinchillas vary with gender? Well, with this difference, it becomes much easier for you to know which gender tends to be more cuddly.

You would be surprised to note that females tend to be much fiercer in disposition than their male counterparts.

Their aggression levels could be relatively too high for you to handle, and perhaps staying away from them could be a good move sometimes.

In contrast, males tend to be much calmer and even less territorial.

With these personalities, it becomes clear that males tend to be much better at cuddling than females.

Thanks to their calm nature, you will have no reason to worry about getting bitten for no reason.

With that, it is fair to say that males are cuddlier than female chinchillas.

Things to Avoid When Handling Chinchillas

Do you know how to handle your chinchilla pet? Unless you understand what to do and how to do it, you will barely have a good time with your chinchilla.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when handling these pets.

  • Do not squeeze them way too much

There is no denying that these animals look like balls of fur.

That their attractiveness will get you smitten is no secret.

However, squeezing these pets will be the wrong move. Thanks to the cartilage in their ribs, the rib cage tends to be one of the weakest.

That implies you will readily break its cage whenever you apply too much pressure.

  • Do not place them in direct sunlight

It will be fair not to place the cage of your chinchilla in direct sunlight.

However, that should not mean that the room or enclosure should not be well-lit.

Putting your pet under direct sunlight could readily expose them to heat conditions. Besides, you cannot keep your chinchillas outside.

Ensure that the room temperature is between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Could you not feed them too many fresh fruits?

Surprisingly, fresh fruits seem to be a problem for most chinchillas.

Eating too many of these fruits could only result in diarrhea.

Instead, it would be best if you remembered that these pets will always appreciate grass and a few treats.

Fortified pellets will suffice when added to their daily meals.

However, ensure that you do not give out these treats way too often, which could compromise nutritional value.


the importance of having a chinchilla in your home is almost impossible to overstate.

Understanding when and when not to cuddle them will ensure that you have an easier time with them in the long run.

Whether you get them from a breeder or birthed in your home, the treatment is the same.

Fortunately, the insights above are all that you need on this journey.

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